Darker Side Of Tthe Moon "They" Are Watching Us!

By Rob Shelsky

UFOs, old extraterrestrial beings, Alien Abductions, “2012”—what does all of it suggest? Is any of it actual? Are extraterrestrial beings our "friends"…or now not? "Darker aspect Of The Moon “They” Are looking at Us!" takes a wholly new method of those questions. utilizing the robust precept of Occam’s Razor, a popular instrument utilized by scientists internationally, the authors practice this related option to the above issues. In so doing, they come at a few startling and annoying conclusions. What's extra, utilizing one in every of NASA’s personal commissioned experiences, they take all of it one step extra, selling a daunting concept, that we're being watched and more... this can be a diversified kind of alien ship e-book, one who makes use of scientists personal tips on how to turn out compelling issues. For readers, the conclusions may possibly suggest they by no means particularly examine the area within the related manner back. and in addition in contrast to past books, Darker aspect Of The Moon "They" Are observing Us! is an in-depth examine how scientists and ufologists fluctuate of their ways to UFOs. The authors speak about what quite constitutes facts, why do scientists insist upon a "preponderance of evidence” for UFOs and so on, yet no longer for different matters? whilst scientists claim that "extraordinary claims require outstanding evidence," simply what does that actually suggest? The authors resolution those questions after which continue in a step by step, systematic strategy to construct a major case for his or her theories. by way of sighting UFOs, the authors have a few robust recommendation! Out of warning, it will possibly simply be clever for us all to take it. when you have an curiosity in UFOs, extraterrestrial beings, alien abductions, historic extraterrestrial beings, or even what might take place in December of 2012, then you definately may still learn this e-book.

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Observer: Gruithuisen. Reference: Sci. Amer. Supp. Vol. 7. (Please be aware, one can't think about any “reasonable” identified average phenomenon to account for this “two instantly traces of sunshine” with a “band among coated with luminous issues. ”) 34. June 24, 1839, Grimaldi, “Smoky-gray mist. ” Observer: Gruithuisen. Reference: B. A. A. Mem. 1895. 35. July 19, 1839, Schroter, “Dark mist. ” Observer: Gruithuisen. Reference: B. A. A. Mem. 1895. 36. December 27, 1854, Teneriffe Mountains. (near Plato); five hr, “Two luminous fiery spots on shiny aspect.

1789 Apr close to Aristarchus impressive spots close to Aristarchus; luminous spots on darkish aspect Bode Bode 1788-89, 1789, 1793; Houzeau and Lancaster 1964 ed. 1789 may well close to Aristarchus incredible spots close to Aristarchus; luminous spots on darkish part Bode Bode 1788-89, 1789, 1793; Houzeau and Lancaster 1964 ed. 1789 Sep 26 Mont Blanc; 15 min Small speck of sunshine at foot of mountain, like fifth magazine superstar Schroter Pickering 1902; Webb 1962 ed. , p. 113 1790 Jan 17 Aristarchus zone Small, hazy spot of sunshine Schroter Schroter 1791 1790 Feb 15-18 Aristarchus zone Small, hazy spot of sunshine Schroter Schroter 1791 1790 Mar 19 Aristarchus zone Small, hazy spot of sunshine Schroter Schroter 1791 1790 Oct 22 N/A in the course of overall eclipse, Herschel observed at the least a hundred and fifty small, around, vivid, purple luminous issues.

Herschel Schroter 1791 1787 Apr 19 darkish aspect 3 “volcanoes. ” The brightest, 3'57”3 from N limb, the opposite a lot farther towards the guts of the Moon W. Herschel Herschel 1787, 1912 1787 Apr 20 darkish facet Brightest “volcano” even brighter and at the least three miles in diameter W. Herschel Herschel 1787, 1912 1787 may well 19-20 Aristarchus terribly shiny von Bruhl Bode 1790; Schroter 1791; Herschel 1912 1787 may possibly 22 Helicon N/A Villeneuve Lalande 1792 (1966) 1788 Jan eleven close to Plato shiny spot on darkish part Observers in Mannheim Schroter 1791 1788 Mar 9-10 darkish aspect vibrant spot Schroter Schroter 1791 1788 Mar thirteen Riccioli brilliant spot Schroter Schroter 1791 1788 Mar thirteen Helicon Lunar “volcano” like sixth magazine big name Nouet Schroter 1792; Bode 1792a; Lalande 1792 (1966 1788 Apr nine Aristarchus; 1 hr terribly brilliant Bode Bode 1792b 1788 Apr Sep 11 Aristarchus vibrant spot 26” N of crater rim Schroter, Bode Schroter 1789, 1791, 1792a, 1792b 1788 may well eight N/A vibrant spots Mechain Lalande 1792 (1966) 1788 could 8-9 N/A vibrant spots Bode Bode 1792b 1788 Aug 27 N/A shiny spot Schroter Schroter 1791 1788 Sep 26, 4:25am N fringe of Mare Crisium Small nebulous vibrant spot Schroter Rozier 1788, 1792; Schroter 1791 1788 Sep 26 1'18” SE of Plato; 15 min Whitish brilliant spot shining a bit hazily and four” to five” in diameter, fifth magazine, SE of Plato in shiny moiuntainous zone bounding Mare Imbrium Schroter Schroter 1789, 1792a, 1792b; Sirius 1888 1788 Sep 26 close to Aristarchus; 30 min vivid spot 26” N of major crater Schroter Rozier 1788, 1792; Schroter 1791 1788 Dec 2, 5:35am Aristarchus Extraordinarly vivid, like celebrity Schroter Schroter 1791 1788 Dec eleven Plato vibrant region, like skinny white cloud Schroter schroter 1791 1788 Aristarchus outstanding spots Bode Bode 1792b; Houzeau and Lancaster 1964 ed.

In the meantime, we're usually simply as smugly and totally convinced our bible is the literal be aware of God, aren’t we? This nearly racist angle of western ideals being continuously stronger and so truer, as opposed to these of different non-western cultures as being simply stories, legends, myths, and superstitions, isn't an outstanding factor, we think. any such perspective has a tendency to make us instantly every little thing of different cultures during this regard as simply rank superstition. in reality, a few of it truly can be actual and so real, might be greater than we become aware of!

For instance: construction Myths even if often called “Sky Gods,” “Star People,” “Sky Guardians,” “Visitors from the Stars,” or no matter what, those construction legends span the globe from Egypt to the Americas, from Asia to Australia. for example, here’s only a brief record: 1. the traditional Egyptians. They declare in a few of their writings that the “Guardians of the Sky” taught them how you can construct their pyramids and different such buildings. a right away quote says: “and then Saurid and his humans equipped the nice pyramid with the help of the Guardians of the Sky...

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