Residues and Duality: Lecture Notes of a Seminar on the Work of A. Grothendieck, Given at Harvard 1963 /64 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)

(v) recognized from FIU 7. thirteen that F F is is quasi-coherent, J(x,x' ) is quasi-coherent if = J(x). On a noetherian the place [EGA 1. nine. four. 8], affine G = ~ Ext commutes with U = Spec A of X and 7.

A), and so forth. , we are going to write R+F, R-F, RA. F and so on. we w i l l write easily for RF R'F, and whilst no confusion may end up, for all of those. fifty two three. we are going to write RiF the implications less than that if F: A >B, and if traditional derived ~. K(B), If and if morphism A F F RF Hi(RF),'" and it'll comes from a left-exact has sufficient injectives, functors of nine: for > G and persist with from functor then those are the F. is a morphism of functors RG either exist, from K~"(A) to then there's a targeted of functors ~: RF ----~RG suitable with the ~'s.

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