The Gospel of Philip: Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the Gnosis of Sacred Union

A brand new translation and research of 1 of the main arguable of the apocryphal gospels

• Emphasizes an initiatic marriage among the female and male ideas because the middle of the Christian secret

• Bears witness to the actual courting shared via Jesus and Mary Magdalene

• Translated from the Coptic and analyzed through the writer of the bestselling The Gospel of Mary Magdalene (over 90,000 offered)

The mainstream place of the Christian church on sexuality used to be might be top summed up by way of Pope blameless III (1160-1216) while he acknowledged that “the sexual act is so shameful that it truly is intrinsically evil.” one other Christian theologian maintained that the “Holy Ghost is absent from the room shared by way of a wedded couple.” What Philip files in his gospel is that Christ stated exactly the contrary: The nuptial chamber is actually the holy of holies. For Philip the holy trinity comprises the female presence. God is the daddy, the Holy Ghost is the mum, and Jesus is the Son. Neither guy nor lady on my own is created within the snapshot of God. it's only of their courting with one another--the sacred include during which they percentage the divine breath--that they resemble God.

The Gospel of Philip is healthier recognized for its portrayal of the actual dating shared by way of Jesus and his so much liked disciple, Mary of Magdala. since it ran counter to the path of the Church, which condemned the “works of the flesh,” Philip’s gospel used to be suppressed and misplaced till rediscovered at Nag Hammadi in 1947. Orthodox theologian Jean-Yves Leloup’s translation from the Coptic and his research of this gospel are provided the following for the 1st time in English. What emerges from this significant resource textual content is a recovery of the sacred initiatic union among the female and male rules that was on the middle of Christianity’s sacred secret.

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15–16. 25. sometimes called Nahmanides (1194–1270), a Spanish rabbi who emigrated to Palestine. [This letter has extra lately been attributed to Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla, q. v. later within the creation. —Trans. ] 26. Cf. Charles Mopsik, Lettre sur los angeles sainteté, 14–15. 27. Ibid. , 7. 28. Philip, logion 60:2–3. 29. Plato, The Symposium, translation through Jowett. 30. Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla, Le mystery du mariage de David et Bethsabée (Paris: Éditions de l’Éclat, 1994), 45–46. 31. Quoted in Charles Mopsik, Lettre sur los angeles sainteté, 27.

When you comprehend the key of the cherubim, and the truth that the [divine] voice used to be heard [in their midst], you'll understand that which our sages, blessed of reminiscence, have declared: within the second while a guy unites together with his spouse in holiness, the shekhina is current among them. 36 If this is often quite actual, if the union of guy and girl is the holy of holies the place his presence (shekhina, Sophia) is happen, where the place his breath is communicated (ruakh, pneuma), how is it attainable for Pope blameless III (d.

But when you assert, “I am a Christian,” all will tremble. Is it attainable to undergo this identify, whilst non secular powers are scared of it? 50 Humanity is the meals of God; humans supply human or animal sacrifices, yet these to whom they sacrifice aren't gods. [PAGE sixty five, PLATE 111] fifty one Glass and clay vessels are made with assistance from fireplace. Glass vessels might be restored, simply because they're formed by means of breath. yet clay vessels are destroyed after they are damaged, for they have been born with no breath. fifty two A donkey hitched to a mill wheel can trip 100 miles, but if you untie him, he's nonetheless within the related position.

THE GOSPEL OF PHILIP [PAGE fifty three, PLATE ninety nine] 1 A Hebrew who makes another person a Hebrew is termed a proselyte. yet a proselyte doesn't continually make different proselytes. actual beings are who they've got continually been, and what they engender is real: easily changing into who one is. [PAGE fifty four, PLATE a hundred] 2 The slave wants freedom; the level of his master’s wealth is of little value. The Son, he who's Son, possesses the background of the daddy. three To inherit from the lifeless is to die, to inherit from the dwelling is to reside.

Eighty four There are timber in the course of the backyard [paradeisos]: One engenders animals, the opposite engenders people. Adam ate from the tree that engenders animals, and have become animal. it truly is reliable to revere animals, for they're just like the first human. The tree from which Adam ate used to be the tree of animals, and it bore many culmination. there isn't any loss of animal-humans, they're many, they usually revere one another. first and foremost, God created people; then people created gods. [PAGE seventy four, PLATE one hundred twenty] eighty five this can be the best way of the area: people create gods and worship their creations; now their creations could revere them, and gods worship people.

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